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Story Behind

Threefreekids; is a brand originally based on a Fashion Brand Manager mother’s experience and the inspiration that she gets from her 3 kids. 

By means of the products that are basic and that keep kids’ comfort in the foreground, Threefreekids is one of the pioneers of a new generation trend in Turkey and the brand targets the contemporary parents of the generation. 

Starting off with its ‘Freedom for Kids’ motto, Threefreekids reject the stereotype colors & patterns and the brand stands out with its unisex products as well. Placing great emphasis upon the product quality, Threefreekids use 1st quality fabric and prints with water based organic dye on the products. The brand’s product range is wide but the color palette is limited. For the 0 – 8 age range, Threefreekids combines designs that mainly consist of monochrome colors with amusing prints.

Story Behind